Monday, November 19, 2012

The long way to church

Since I like to try to make the 12:30 service at church, I decided to do the bulk of my bike trip before church. 

I left home about 9:40 a.m. and headed for the beach.  It was an absolutely stunning, beautiful day, especially since it had rained yesterday.  It was a perfect ride down, a perfect ride up to Temescal Canyon, and a perfect ride back.

When I had  just arrived at the beach, I happened across a young man (20s) who had his bike upsidedown.  I asked if he needed any help.  He did.  He was riding a single speed and the chain had come off, and he couldn't get it back on.  I got out one of my tools to try to help it back on, but it wasn't working.  Finally I said to take the chain off the small cog and get the large cog reset first.  Then we partially got it on the small cog, but couldn't get it on all the way.  However, when he flipped the bike over and took a few pedal strokes, the chain righted itself onto the cogs again.  Magic.

I made it to church in plenty of time for the service, but one thing I noticed, which I was thinking might happen, was that I got quite chilled when I started to cool down.  I had brought a sweatshirt with me, but I felt it was cumbersome, so I didn't mess with it, but it made me really wish I had a shawl or something.  I have ordered some merino wool arm warmers, and that would have maybe helped.  However, I have been watching these wool emergency blankets on ebay for a long time, and when I got home after church, one of the first things I did was to order one.  Hopefully it won't be too thick and I can just roll it up and tuck it into the top pannier bungie cords.  Even when I got home, however, I was still quite chilled through, and finally I crawled between my covers for a nap.  When I woke up with a sweat, I knew I was warmed again.  It wasn't that it was a cold day.  On the contrary, it was pleasant. 

As I left the beach, I hit the 2100 mile milestone.  34 miles total for the day.

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