Thursday, November 15, 2012

Panniers galore!

Yesterday I got an order for some cookies that need to be delivered to the Farmer's Market on Friday, and as I didn't really want to drive on Friday, I decided that I would deliver them on the bike.  Problem is, the two panniers that are pink that I ordered are still in Scotland.  The accidental blue one that I ordered was somewhere in the postal system between the U.K. and here, and I was still stuck for need panniers.  So yesterday I stopped by I. Martin Imports and immediately picked up two Bontrager panniers that are black and red.  I also picked up a package of motion sensor lights that go on the valve stem to give yet another bit of light to the bike when it gets dark.

So I got home with the two panniers and lo and behold, the blue pannier had arrived in the mail.  Now, I don't like blue that much.  Not really at all.  The ebay ad had made it look like it would be pink.  So I will give that one away eventually.  Need to put it some place and get it out of my sight for right now!

I immediately tested the Bontrager panniers to see if they would hold the standard bakery box that I use, and they do!!!

So today I put the motion activated valve stem caps on the bike.  I had been thinking I would just change them out every day for night riding, but then I got to thinking that even if I have them stored on the bike, the motion of the bike will turn them on constantly, so they might as well get installed.  I will, however, swap them out for the regular valve stem caps for long daytime rides.  I also put one side pannier on the bike because I had to take something to the post office, but first I stopped at the pet shop.  I took the bike in and parked it, then got my cans of dog and cat food and checked out, putting the items directly into the pannier.  No shopping bag needed!

I left work just after 4:00, and I knew that if I cam straight home, I wouldn't get to see the effect of the valve stem caps in action in the dark, so I actually took a longer route to get home, forcing myself to ride some in the dark or near darkness.  Well, I guess the camera catches the effect differently, and it's hard to see it properly when you're on the bike, but at least that light was there.  Now if only the headlight would get here... should be here in one more week.

I then made my merry way to the post office, again taking the bike in.  I parked it just outside the main business area so that I could keep an eye on it. I did my business and left.

I didn't notice any difference in the way the bike handled with the extra weight on one side.

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