Monday, November 5, 2012

Night riding

 It's not my intention to ride at night, but today, the first work day after daylight savings time kicked in, I was sort of forced to, especially getting off work at 5:00 which meant there was no way I could get home before darkness.  Not only that, but I had to rush to the bank to deposit my paycheck.  Although there is a branch of my bank about a mile from where I work, it is not a way I have done in the dark, so I opted to go home and go to the one down Santa Monica Blvd.

I don't have a flashing white light for the front, just a small blue Firefly from Road ID.  So with the blue in the front and the red in the back, I must look a bit like a police bike, but the blue is better than nothing!  Did the bank errand and came home, no problems, but that was a total of 5 miles in the dark.

Freakishly hot today.  95 degrees.  Ugh.  So ready for real fall weather.

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