Friday, November 9, 2012

New rack

Well, who knew when I bought my GT Timberline Fitness Series bike back in 2008 that one day I would want a pannier rack for the back... but that the bike was not designed to take one normally!  So the pannier rack I got for my birthday could not be installed in the normal way.  In fact, none of the pannier racks sold at I. Martin Imports could be installed normally on my bike.  My bike is sort of elongated and weird.  But Ryan once again stepped up to the plate and worked some mechanical magic, creating brackets and getting it mounted on the bike.  The seat-post mounted Delta Magtrack had to be removed, so I guess now I'll be donating that and the matching pannier to a friend.  I have to wire my Bontrager tail lights into place.  I know those things will pop off the new rack at the first bump

Of course, while I waited for the rack to be installed, I perused every pannier and do-dad for the bike they carried, because all that stuff is terribly interesting to me.  My bike isn't about speed but functionality, so I'm always looking to see what accessory can make it more functional for my needs.  A side view mirror may be one of my next purchases.

Interesting to see last night's Grey's Anatomy... and a cyclist gets hit by a car in the first scene and Meredith spends the rest of the episode trying to save her life.  Interesting because Patrick Dempsey is an avid cyclist, so I'm sure that cycling may feature in other episodes.

The new top rack pannier seems to hold a little more than the old pannier, and it definitely holds my Bible better, so easier to get things in and out on Sunday for church.

Hoping to do a big ride tomorrow weather permitting.

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