Thursday, November 8, 2012

New bike gear

Today I got my first pair of arm warmers, and I also today ordered a 400 lumen head light (from China, of course!) because these night rides without proper headlighting are for the birds.  I had been researching how many luens would be best for me, and I've seen headlights with lumens up to 5000, but those things are like bright spotlights, like the kind used for search lights, and that's overkill.  I don't want to blind oncoming motorists!  I will see if 400 is plenty to light up the road a little.

I also recently got a new red pannier which will go on the new rack when I get that installed (maybe tomorrow?)

Also finally got the business cards to take on the bike so I can hand them out to cyclists I meet who may be doing something extraordinary.

I also got a small front pannier that attaches to the handlebars, but I got that for Nessie.  When we went on our big beach ride, she draped her fannypack over the bars and this will eliminate her need for even taking a fannypack.

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