Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More night riding

Came home from work in the light but discovered a check in the mail from a client, and by the time I had walked the dog, it was dark.  But off I went again down Santa Monica Blvd., only this time I stripped the bike of anything unnecessary except for the rear pannier, because I decided I would go to Pavilions afterwards for some groceries. 

I locked the bike up at the bike rack just opposite Pavilions, and carrying my pannier like a purse, I went inside to shop.  I didn't get much because I didn't have much to carry stuff home in - just two small shopping bags to hang off the handlebars, but just going shopping with the bike was something that I need to start doing more of - not being afraid to lock it up.  Of course, the local shopping runs will be best when I am able to strip the bike first.

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