Saturday, July 21, 2012

The lives of a blue bike

I've had so many cookies to make in the last couple of weeks, and I've had to use the car so much that my cycling has taken a back seat - only 20 miles in 2 weeks, and 12 of them were today.  It definitely felt good to get on the bike today and do a little extra.  I have to make cookie dough tomorrow and then make cookies, but I hope I can get in some riding too.  Then I hope to ride to church on Sunday.  That would be nice.

I delivered the blue bike I purchased for Lisa's visit to its new home in San Gabriel. Here is the happy new owner! Before I delivered it, I took it over to the guys at I. Martin Imports because the brakes had been squeaking terribly during Lisa's visit, and I also thought perhaps the crankshaft needed lubrication.   One of the mechanics took it and said to come back in a half hour, so I wandered the store and dreamed about a nice road bike, and when I returned to the service area, the bike was ready and they didn't charge me a thing!!!  Maybe he just lubricated some things, but that was a true blessing from the Lord!

Also, I had given Lisa the blue double pannier when she left and I immediately ordered a replacement from China and it arrived in one week - in time for the bike delivery.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

La Brea Tar Pits and LACMA with Lisa

Today Lisa and I rode our bikes from West Hollywood over to the La Brea Tar Pits because it was an easy ride (4 miles each way) and because it would present some good picture opportunities for her.

She was fairly recovered from our 40-mile ride on Friday, and I was ready to go anyhow as I was long recovered.  We walked our bikes through the park, then visited LACMA next door to do some more picture taking.  On the way home took 6th to Hauser/Martel, then north to Willoughby, then west to Croft.  On the way home, I passed 1300 miles for the year on the bike.  Perhaps I can get it up to 2500 for the year....

Friday, July 6, 2012

40 miles with Lisa

Lisa and I left the house about 10:30 to begin our journey down to Venice Beach.  Because I wanted to avoid any part of Robertson, I routed us primarily on Shenandoah all the way to Cattaragaus, then under the 10 freeway to Regent, then Curtis, then Venice Blvd.  I led the way down to the beach, and when we hit the bike path, we decided to go down to the Venice Pier first. 

She went out onto the pier to take a bunch of pictures and I waiting with the bikes, and when she returned we headed towards Venice Beach.  I told her to stop and take pictures of anything she found interesting, so we did stop a lot.  We were thinking of possibly going up onto the Santa Monica Pier, but when we got there decided we would make a decision on the way back down.  We were feeling hungry and had our stomachs set on corn dogs from the Watch By the Bay eatery at the bike path end on Temescal Canyon.  So we trudged on, glad to finally make it.

When we got to the path end, we met a man who was probably in his 60's and not in the best of shape, but he had his bike fully loaded and was headed either up to Sacramento or San Francisco.  I wish I had taken his picture and interviewed him a little.  He said he wanted to go across the USA next year. Good for him.  He did realize, however, that even for this short journey he had over-packed and was looking to off-load some of his stuff when he got to his sister's house on the first night.

Lisa and I each ordered a corn dog plus shared some chili cheese fries, and we took a rest, being 18 miles into our journey.

Lisa taking pictures at Will Rogers State Beach at the the north end of the bike path by Temescal Canyon.

After a good rest we swapped bikes for a little while to give her sit bones a break, and we headed back down to Venice Beach.  We decided not to venture onto the Santa Monica Pier, but I did talk her into a little detour to Marina Del Rey and the marina.

At the marina 
We didn't ride the bike path through the whole marina, just the first part where there were some boats to see.  Then we turned around and headed home.

We stopped at Essential Chocolate Desserts on the way back for some French macarons and drinks.  She got a Sprite and I got a vanilla malt.  Her macarons were pistachio, lemon, and chocolate.  I got a blueberry lavender and a pistachio.  Pistachio is still my favorite.

One pistachio macaron left.  No, it's not macaroon like those coconut things. 

We made one other stop on the way home because it was only a 1-block detour - to Surfas Restaurant Supply on Washington/National, where she waited outside for a few minutes while I went in and got some purple food coloring gel.  After Surfas we made our way back to my apartment, a total ride today of 40 miles.  I was not very tired but she was quite exhausted.