Saturday, July 21, 2012

The lives of a blue bike

I've had so many cookies to make in the last couple of weeks, and I've had to use the car so much that my cycling has taken a back seat - only 20 miles in 2 weeks, and 12 of them were today.  It definitely felt good to get on the bike today and do a little extra.  I have to make cookie dough tomorrow and then make cookies, but I hope I can get in some riding too.  Then I hope to ride to church on Sunday.  That would be nice.

I delivered the blue bike I purchased for Lisa's visit to its new home in San Gabriel. Here is the happy new owner! Before I delivered it, I took it over to the guys at I. Martin Imports because the brakes had been squeaking terribly during Lisa's visit, and I also thought perhaps the crankshaft needed lubrication.   One of the mechanics took it and said to come back in a half hour, so I wandered the store and dreamed about a nice road bike, and when I returned to the service area, the bike was ready and they didn't charge me a thing!!!  Maybe he just lubricated some things, but that was a true blessing from the Lord!

Also, I had given Lisa the blue double pannier when she left and I immediately ordered a replacement from China and it arrived in one week - in time for the bike delivery.

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