Monday, August 6, 2012

Last month was a dismal month for adding mileage to the bike.  From the time that Lisa left until yesterday, I only managed to add another 100 miles.

I added about 38 of those miles over the weekend.  I just had to get out, and I had a little break between some cookie orders and shipments, so I decided I would do an errand on the bike and take a trip down to Gloria's Cake and Candy Supply on Washington Blvd./Colonial (1 blk west of Centinella).  It is the first bona fide errand I've done where I locked up the bike and went shopping.  I had to lock the bike to a street lamp, and I was keenly aware of how long it took me to do it and how vulnerable that made me as a prospective target.  Not that I was in a bad neighborhood, but thievery can come from anywhere.  Just something to be aware of and try to get better at.  Good reason to carry the pepper spray I just purchased.

While I was shopping I received a phone call from the national touring company of "The Book of Mormon" - and they wanted 60 photo cookies, so I've managed to squeeze those into my cookie schedule also.

It was just shy of 18 miles RT to Glorias, a good ride, and then on Sunday I rode to church and aded a few extra miles so that I could break the 1400 barrier.  Another good ride.

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