Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heating Up!

We're not having a TERRIBLE heat wave yet, but certainly it's a lot warmer than normal.  I carry about 2 liters of water with me at all times, so I'm all right that way, but the sun can still zap you even on a short ride.

I've been buying/watching tons of cycling films lately.  With that recent big cookie order, I have been treating myself to a few cycling things.  First up were the two cycling films by Stephen Auerbach - Bicycle Dreams and Race Across America.  I have wanted to see them for so long, and they'd been on my Ebay wishlist forever, it seems.  You can buy them directly from the the filmmaker on Ebay :

Bicycle Dreams/Race Across America 2-pk

Auerbach even friended me on Facebook.  So, very cool!

I have also purchased The Flying Scotsman, American Flyers, Breaking Away and Ride the Divide.  I'm still waiting on the latter two to arrive.

I also purchased 3 books on cycling which I am working my way through:

1.  Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills
2.  Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling
3.  The Cyclist's Food Guide - Fueling For the Distance

I'm going to make a special place on my bookshelf just for cycling books and films.  Yes, the films should go in my DVD library, but I think I'll keep them separate.

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