Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tale of the persimmon thief

There is a persimmon thief in the neighborhood who brazenly comes by with his fruit picker to steal the persimmons off the tree right outside my living room window.  These persimmons are highly valued by Gail, the landlady.  This thief comes by during the daytime to do it.  I can't really see him from the windows because I have a lot of foliage, and I'm not really looking either.  However, he comes by and has been chased off twice now.  So, I went out and picked another 4.5 buckets of persimmons.  We're hoping that by continuing to pick them that we will discourage him from coming by.  I will pick more in the daytime.  They come off pretty easily, unlike oranges which you have to fight with all your strength to pull down from the tree.  They're pretty hard like apples but need to ripen up like an over-ripe tomato - very mushy - before being eaten.  Tomorrow I will have a lot of persimmons to wash!  I am certain I will pick a few more buckets full.

The adventure continues!

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