Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Money changeroo

Today my host took me and the bike to the bike shop, I. Martin Bicycles where Ryan will no doubt do his stellar job in getting my bike put back together after 10,000 miles of air flight.  Yeah, that was a fiasco.  Still no one can believe that it happened.  But, whatever.  I'm leaving Los Angeles on the 18th, I think, and will be heading out across the city and into the desert.  It will take me 4 days to get to Palm Springs or 3 if I really push it, but then I will need a day to get mentally prepped for the crossing between Indio and Blythe.  I've never gone that far in one day (almost a century ride).  There is a good Warm Showers host in Blythe, and then I will cross the border into Arizona.  Woo hoo!

I ordered a new sleeping bag today that is only 2 lbs and goes to 20-F.  Also a sleeping pad.  Both should arrive next week.  Still need to get a tent and am waiting to hear from a seller about that.

Also changed all my British pounds into dollars and had to have my bank account changed from being out of the country to in the country.  Even the bankers were shocked at what happened to me at Heathrow.  Seems like everyone is shocked.  A BFF in San Antonio, TX actually started crying when she read my blog and then she started crying tonight when we were on the phone.  Weird, but I feel I have already moved on from the incident.  She also thinks my blog on Dear Britain, My Beating Heart is the best thing I've ever written, like it's Pulitzer material.  (She's never read my Sherlock fanfiction which is stunning, actually).

My host is also sponsoring me a new set of hardcase tires and liners from some manufacturer.  I honestly don't know how old the tires are or how many miles they have on them.  I just know that I've put 1300+ miles on them.  Tires are generally good for about 5000 miles  Some suggest getting Schwalbe, but I don't think my shop stocks them.  But I know they stock other good tires.  Some recommend gators.  But as long as they are reasonably slick and not knobby.  I don't need or want mountain bike tires.

The new Ortlieb front roller classic panniers (in ORANGE!!!) should be here on Wednesday.  Yay!


  1. It sounds like you are moving right along.. It's good that you bounced right back and are moving on to plan B, which was plan A to begin with.. haha I'm sure you will find the best tires for your bike. My best to you as you prepare for this next chapter in your adventure! xoxo

  2. The turn of events was heartbreaking for everyone. Still, one day you'll look back understand that the new direction was for the better. USA is a great place to get experience anyway.

    Can't imagine that your original USA trek is what you will begin in mid-October. If you end up coming Southern Tier instead, WS hosts here in Las Cruces are ready!