Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Walk in San Gabriel

A week ago I was mailing off the last of the things I decided to keep into storage at my sister's house and sending a package to Scotland.

Today I am counting day 5 in my new little temporary - and I do stress temporary - home.  I will be continuing the bike journey when my time here is finished.

My energy level seems to be about one hour of hard work and then I have to rest.  That's the anemia talking.  It will get better daily, but for now I just rest a lot.  Some say you can't know that you have anemia without a test, but you can know if you've had it before.  You know what it feels like.  You know the constant exhaustion that dogs you.

I walked up 3 blocks to the CVS pharmacy to get some Epsom salts.  I got a few basic art supplies there as well as I decided it was time to do some art.  I see the great art work that shows up in my Twitter feed.  I used to be darn darn darn good at portraits and I used to work mostly in oils, acrylics and pastels.  Well, all that was at CVS were pencils, colored pencils, and some drawing pads.  Okay, whatever.  I don't need expensive art supplies to make art.  Just go with the flow.  I really wanted to get a spatula (for flipping things in the fry pan).   Guess I will have to wait until I go to Smart & Final again.

I got the air bed set up.  Might need to put a little more air in it.

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