Sunday, October 5, 2014

Missing Luggage

At LAX on the way to Heathrow before
things started to go downhill.
As if missing out on having the British and European cycling adventure wasn't heart-wrenching enough, one of my pieces of luggage disappeared somewhere between Heathrow and LAX.  Now, I know for certain that it was on the plane, because I was escorted personally by customs to the airplane where it was verified that my four pieces of luggage were on the plane.  Trust me, they make sure YOU are on the plane and everything you brought with you is on the plane.  That piece of luggage, by the way, didn't belong to me, either, but to a friend.

But by the time I got to the carousel... and I waited and waited and waited... one piece did not arrive.  It was the piece, of course, that had all my bike panniers in it.  Also had my entire DVD collection as well as various other items that were dear to me.  Brand new Ortlieb panniers.  It is the suitcase on the bottom wrapped in duct tape.  The duct tape was put on not to hold it together but for me to more easily identify it coming off the carousel.  That backfired.

So, I am totally back to square one.  Totally.  And here's thing:  I had previously been preparing for a x-country USA bike trip that was to have started in February 2015.  But when I realized I was going to Britain, I got rid of almost all of the USA stuff because I thought I'd just replace it over there.  Only now I'm here... and I have none of it.  Some of it just became too bulky and was extra weight or unnecessary.  I had spend $$$ buying food and prep for going across the country.  I was going to have restocking stations with friends.  But I gave all that food away.  All of it.  I had to get very picky about what I was taking to Britain because of the weight issue.  Nearly everything was jettisoned.  Now I find myself in the position of needing to kit the bike again... and that's not a cheap process.

A friend has set up a donation page for me to help me recover these lost items and to get things going again.

If you feel like donating, any little bit will help.  I want to get on the road in the USA as quickly as possible before winter sets in.


  1. Well, I can't donate right now, but may be able to do so after the 14th of this month.
    I will get back to you then.

    1. Jenny - those bastards ('scuse me) cannot just lose your luggage and get off without owing you anything, REGARDLESS of the circumstances! I would advise you to put in a lost baggage claim w/British Air asap. (AND they may still find your luggage...) I know you were likely in shock when you can back to LAX, which is totally understandable. I will be happy to help you with this claim. Just let me know...