Monday, October 6, 2014

Regrouping for USA tour

This picture doesn't belong to me but
I will replace it with my own soon
Well, I had been planning the European tour, but I am regrouping now for the original USA tour that I had planned.  Thankfully my missing luggage from the return British Airways flight turned up today.  The duct tape that we had put around it for easy identification had been cut, and the case had been rifled through.  Totally mess inside... well, once we got inside it.  We didn't lock it because we didn't have a key for it.  It was on loan from a friend, but it sure seemed locked when we got it back, because we sort of had to beat on the tabs to open them.

I would still like to get an Ortlieb Rack Pack for the back so that the tent and sleeping bag could be protected.  I still need to get the sleeping bag an tent, however.  I had both of those items but the sleeping bag was too huge for sure.  The tent I could have lived with, but that sleeping bag needed to be about 1/4-1/3 the size.

So... things are a bit tight.  People are starting to donate to a fund set up for me to help me recover from this difficulty, and today I was able to purchase the Ortlieb front panniers.

You Caring

If you feel like donating, great, if not, no problem.  But I do need sponsors.  Lots of sponsors.

My packet for the Palace to Palace ride that I just missed arrived in Scotland.  My friend in Scotland is sending it to my sister in Texas.  I will one day make good on the 2014 P2P ride for all the people that sponsored me.

I've gotten pretty ruthless with my remaining stuff today.  I already have another bag of stuff to take to the thrift store, and I may still need to get more ruthless after that, although I won't have anything left to take to the thrift store.

So that's the plan for the moment.  Head across the USA on my original route.

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