Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh sweet logistics

Oh sweet logistics, this may be a bit of crazy but I'm going to do it anyhow.

So I arrive in Edinburgh at night on Oct. 2.  Well, evening.  But still dark.

On Oct. 3 I have to get the bike put back together and make sure everything is working right.  If not I'll have to pay a visit to the local bike shop.  Plus I have to make sure I have the sports drinks and snacks for the ride on Oct. 5.

On Oct. 4 it's back to Edinburgh to catch the train to London, which will have to be a fairly early train so that I can get there while it's still daylight and can find my host - a host I don't have yet, but I will get some connections through the cycling world.

On Oct. 5 at 7:00 AM I have to be with the bike at The Mall - that's that wide, wide, wide entrance promenade road that leads to Buckingham Palace.  Well, actually to somewhere there by St. James Park which is where the ride starts.  Hopefully by 7:15 I'll be off on the ride with lots of others.  Woot!

I think I may need to give up on that afternoon thing at Hertford.  But God may yet open the doors.

After the ride there is the logistics of getting either to my Warm Showers host which will be another hour's ride away or returning to London via a ride with someone (probably the best plan), spending the night, then returning to Edinburgh on Oct. 6 via the train again.

I will be knackered for sure, but it will all be brilliant!  And then I will collapse, no doubt.  But I should be able to sleep on the trains some.  No, I don't want to sleep on the trains.  I want to look at everything and take tons of pictures!  And I want to talk to people!  Hopefully I will be coherent!  And if i arrive early enough in Edinburgh, I'll just ride the bike back to my host.  Have to look at all the routes for that too.

And then I'll collapse.


  1. Your eyes and ears are going to be in overdrive with all the sights and sounds you will be experiencing! Your body will catch up! You will be running on pure adrenaline and be too excited to sleep, but you will - eventually.. haha :))!

    1. Yes.... just hopefully not in the middle of the bike ride! hahaha! It's going to be a crazy jetlag, but it will all work out.