Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fighting the urge to take too much

I had planned that trip from Venice Beach to the shores of North Carolina and then down to the Florida Keys for three years.  Three years.  I had made purchases based on that trip.  I had bought food to plant around the country for various refueling stations.  I bought stuff for the USA.

Wow, I over-bought stuff.  STUFF.  Now I've got all this STUFF to sort through.  Because I can't take all this STUFF.  I just can't.  It literally has to go away.  I have to restock in Scotland.  Some things I will definitely take but what the heck was I thinking????  Clearly the absolute minimalist lifestyle hasn't hit home yet.  Ummm.... anytime now would be great.  Everything will be weight not only for shipping but on the bike itself.  Oy!  I think I need to slap myself a few times to get some reality check here.  Minimalist, Jenny!!!

Must let go of things.  Must.  I've done so well so far.  Must go even further.  Must almost blindly throw things out.  Must separate from any sentiment.  Must travel lean.  

On Monday I will go to the shop up the street and get a couple more boxes to ship any bits into storage with my sister.  Two years from now I may unpack those boxes and wonder why the heck did I keep that stuff???

72 hours and I will be on a plane to Britain... so much to do still, although mostly decisions.

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