Sunday, May 27, 2012

Too tired to sleep

Last night I wanted so desperately to sleep.  I was exhausted from the bike ride and had a splitting migraine (which has carried over to today - a dehydration result I suspect!).  But sleep did not find me until about 6:30a.m.  By the time I got up at 10:00, I was terribly groggy and foggy.  I had the strangest dreams about getting a job with a utility company, and the work environment was so odd.  Full of perks that I would call more indulgences than anything else.  I wasn't even sure what my job was, but I sure felt like things weren't terribly organized and were inefficient.  Anyhow, as to the perks, there was a LOT of food including a whole walk-in freezer the size of a living room that was nothing but ice cream and deserts, and everyone knew they could take one container if they wanted it, and each container was 4-5 quarts, but you weren't to be greedy and take more than one (per day?).  There was another room of food too but I can't remember exactly what it was.  They had a regular kitchen but most people ordered their food in, which I thought was inefficient.  There were also a couple of vending machines, and I didn't understand why some food was so freely given and other food had to be paid for.  I also didn't know if we had time cards or time sheets to fill out, and I never quite got that answer.  Eventually I sat down with someone in human resources who handed me a folder with all kinds of information for me.  One of the weird things was that no matter your credit rating, they would always make sure you were at least at 750 - she said that's where they "started" you.  Yeah, ok. Some information was hand-written on tiny strips of paper (part of the inefficiency).  I did find out that they didn't mind you walking around in socks but barefoot wasn't acceptable.  There was also some kind of car allowance, but I shrugged it off because it was within reasonable biking distance.  I wasn't sure who the receptionist was as again it was all disorganized, and whatever my job was, I had purchase orders on my desk that needed to be processed, and I had no idea who had the authority to sign off on them.  I really had no idea for anything there.  So glad to wake up from that!  Ugh.

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