Wednesday, May 2, 2012

600 miles

Today I passed the 600 mile mark for the year.... which I had wanted to do yesterday but somehow I just didn't.  However, I have a new resolve to stick to a minimum of 10+ miles per day or 250 miles this month.  I'd like to be over 1100 miles by July 1.  Can I do it?  I think so.  I'd like to be at 2000 miles at the end of the year.

Well, because I had this new determination for making sure I was doing 10 per day, I thought I'd just trudge through my old route.  However, while out doing errands in a car for my boss, I passed the Bentley dealership by Olympic/Robertson and saw a purple Bentley, which made me think it was a photo opportunity for a friend who likes all things purple.  So after work, instead of doing my regular route home, I trekked towards Beverly Hills to get this shot:

Then, because I've joined a Yahoo group for a cycling group that meets up in Beverly Hills, I thought I'd just ride my bike west on Charleville to the intersection where the Starbucks is that they meet at.  It's on Charleville and Beverly Drive. 

I hadn't ridden my bike into Beverly Hills proper before.  When I say "proper," I mean more of the "downtown" area.  I'd always just skirted the edges of the city (maybe I should ride down Rodeo Drive for some photo opps). Charleville into Beverly Hills is a gradual slope uphill, so going back east to Doheney was an easy gentle downhill.

By the time I got home, I had logged 11 miles for the day, and I was content with that.

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