Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A trunk load

So I've got this goal to do at least 2000 miles on the bike this year, but at the beginning of May was only up to 600, so at that pace it was going to be 1800 for the year.  However, Since May 1 I have put 90+ miles on the bike and am trying to do a minimum of 10 miles per day with some longer rides on the weekend.  I hope to be at 1100-1200 by the end of June.  I'm experiencing a bit of chafing at the moment and need to bring out the Desitin.  I think the chafing is due largely to having too much salt in my diet the last few days.  Well, with little funds for groceries, I'm scrapping at the moment... which means the boxes of over-salted Stove Top Stuffing to make some meals.  Tonight it's broccoli and rice.

My zeal to purchase a trunk rack over the weekend led me to a purchasing mistake, as I didn't examine it carefully enough and it turns out it was broken.... I mean, it still straps to the trunk fine, but the straps for holding the bike are pretty much gone.   It still holds a bike, and I actually strapped it to my car and put the bike on it for a trip around the block, but I'm going to need to invest in some industrial velcro, I think.  So now I'll be looking for another trunk rack, and I need to get it by July.

I've been really having a desire to do a century ride, but I would only do it if there were other hybrids doing it because in no way can I keep up with a road bike and I'm not even going to pretend.  A hybrid is like a Ford truck (perfectly good and reliable and built for endurance) and  road bike is like a Porsche - it's all about speed.  I know I could go the distance on the hybrid, but it isn't like the New York Marathon where people of all abilities do it... and stay with it until the last runner is in.  No, they expect you to get your ride done and get out. Even the Amtrak century ride is one where you'd better be quick to hit the stops and get to San Diego in time to catch the train back.  I don't think the hybrid could make it unless I had minimum sustained speeds of 15-16 mph, and I've only done that for short distances (what else is there in city traffic besides short distances between stop signs and traffic lights?).  But... then I also think I'd really like to have the cycling shorts with the chamois crotch to prevent chafing and also a bona fide cycling jersey.  I want to feel like I belong....or at least look like I belong.

I do have a cycling jersey, but it's a little snug.  Here' a tip for buying cycling clothing - buy 2-3 sizes larger than you normally wear because they're made 2-3 sizes smaller than what you think you wear.  If you're a plus-sized woman like me, don't think a 2X will fit you in cycling clothing because it won't, which is sort of depressing.  Go with a 4X or a 5X.  After all, who really cares what the X is???  Just get some gear and look the part.  Well, I can't get the gear right now, but maybe I can get some shorts at some point during the summer.

I also want to get some different shoes for cycling - ones with velcro straps.  Why?  My shoe laces have come untied more than once and gotten wound on the the pedals.  I don't know if I'm ready to get genuine cycling shoes that clip into the pedals (I'd have to change out the pedals), but velcro shoes would be a nice start.

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