Sunday, June 3, 2012

Restless exhaustion

So it has happened with my last two big rides - I couldn't sleep the night afterwards.  I should have slept like a log but my body was restless.  After the first of the two, I was slightly achy.  Not muscle achy - more of just overall a little something indescribable.  Then yesterday I did a 47 miler, and I didn't have that overall ache, just hot and couldn't cool down.  I should have slept soundly but did not.

The Ballona Creek bike path - looking east
So now I am wondering, what will happen when I'm going across the USA after long days in the saddle?  Will I sleep or will I toss and turn restlessly? That has me a little concerned.  After yesterday's ride, I noticed I had dropped 5 lbs, which I'm sure was all sweat!  I drank a ton of water out there and only used the public restroom at Temescal Canyon.  Even after I got home and guzzled water for a bit, it took at least an hour before I had to go.

The June 2 route.  Very good ride.

I was wondering how I'd feel today, if I wanted to hop back onto the bike and go to church.  I definitely didn't feel the exhaustion I felt last week, but I was a little chaffed, and I'm realizing just how much I wish I had a pair of chamois-crotch biking shorts.  However, I don't feel I've earned them or a real cycling jersey.  I need to still drop a lot more weight before I can even find one in a reasonable size.  Also I need to drop the weight before I get a road bike because they aren't built for someone of my weight.

I also wanted to force my body to get back onto the bike, because that will be totally necessary when doing sequential heavy riding days.  So, I did go to church and came back, and the ride was fine except for the chafing.

I need to get more fig newtons.

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