Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to back longer rides

Last Friday, June 22, I ride my 25-mile route to the beach and back.  Then on Saturday I went back and rode the 36-mile trip to Temescal Canyon and back.  I was planning to do the Temescal Canyon ride again on Sunday, but that's another story.  What I wanted to know was how my body would feel after two days of longer riding, since this is something I need to know when I'm on the road long haul. As it turns out, I felt perfectly fine, and in fact, my legs felt really strong afterwards.

Anyhow, after I had had my little break at Temescal Canyon, where I discovered that the name of the little eatery is Watch By The Bay and it only takes cash... I was approached by a young man and his friend asking me how much further it was to Malibu. They were were cycling from Huntington Beach to Sacramento. They'd already done 70 miles. Quite frankly, I thought it was about 17, which is what I told them (was more like 11-12).  When I told them, they were very excited... perhaps they thought it was further than it was. 

I told them I wanted their picture for my blog and for everyone here. Nice young men, Michael Troyer and Ryan Snider of Huntington Beach.  

Michael Troyer and Ryan Snider at Temescal Canyon/Will Rogers State Beach.  Good luck, guys!
They think it will take them 2 more days to reach Sacramento from Malibu. I think they're dreaming, but who knows what youth can do???  I think Michael is the one on the left. BTW, they will never make it in two days. A week, maybe.  So, I'm assuming that by the time I post this that they will have made it and discovered a great adventure along the way.

Strange that my encounter with them was so brief and yet somehow they just made my day!  I think these two ought to try a bike trip across America some day.  Michael and Ryan, if you read this some day, please comment below!

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