Friday, June 15, 2012

New Brake pads....after 4 years.

Well, I put the trunk rack on the car, secured it down tight and loaded on the bike, securing it down it the excess straps, and I drove it down to I. Martin Imports to have new brake pads put on.  Even though the brakes were adjusted recently, they were already very worn and I was told to bring the bike back in within a month to get them replaced.  Well, the rear brakes already had almost no tension left, and I figure that with a big ride tomorrow with a friend, I really wanted to have the brakes taken care of.  I also asked if they could put on a kickstand, and the mechanic said he would see if there was room.  I told him not to worry about it if there was no room.  After all, I've lived without a kickstand for 4 years.

So tomorrow I'm going to motor the bike over to Brentwood, and from there my friend and I will work our way through Santa Monica, down around the Marina and take the bike path down to Redondo.  Whew!  Hope I can make it.  That bike path down there is very hilly.  Just from the Ballona Creek Bridge to Redondo Beach is 23 miles round trip... and that's not counting the miles RT just to get there.  It will be a day of adventure for sure!

I also stopped by I. Martin earlier in the week to pick up some chain lube.  Got it in a little spray can.  I wouldn't take it on the road with me because it's a little too big... I'll get a little bottle for the trek across the USA. 

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