Friday, April 27, 2012

Bigger is better

So I bought a bike jersey.... a 3X because that's the largest I could find - and these things run really small, btw.  A 3X cycling jersey has nothing to do with a 3X in real world clothing sizes because in a regular 3X I'm sort of swimming.  I did manage to get the 3X on, but it was like I was poured into it and practically needed to cut myself out of it.  It was more of what I would call an XL in regular clothing.  Gah!  Hello, haven't they heard of Spandex????

Yes, I know I need to lose weight but that's not the point here.  The point is that these things need to be made properly for larger riders who deserve a cycling jersey just as much as their thin/fit cycling counterparts.  The same goes for cycling shorts, bibshorts, and any other apparel that needs specific sizing.  Ideally the clothing should be made for anyone who wants to get on a bike a ride - because anyone who rides is a legitimate cyclist who deserves legitimate cycling gear.  If I ever did the San Diego Century, I'd love to have the jersey, but I'm quite certain it wouldn't come in my size.

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