Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Today I finally redeemed the $25 gift card to Helen's Cycles that I had been given by my parents for Christmas 2011. I had been wanting a bike lock for a long time, even though I know it will still be a little scary to leave it locked up, even for short periods. Due to the shape of my bike frame, however, it is impossible to mount it onto the hybrid, not to mention the two lower water bottles get in the way, mostly for lack of room. However, it is just the right size to travel in the pannier. The lock wasn't $25, btw, but $45, and I might get another of the Kryptonite cords for $10. I actually had to ask how to best position the lock on the bike to be sure the bike would still be there when I came out of where ever, so I got some advice on that. I'm hoping that having a lock will facilitate me being able to expand my life on two wheels because normally the bike doesn't ever leave my hands when I'm out and about.

After I went to the bike shop, I. Martin Imports, which is a subsidiary of Helen's Cycles, I continued to have a regular bike ride on one of my routes. When I was in the Beverly Hills area heading west on Cashio to Doheny and getting ready to turn north on Doheny, I found myself with a cycling group heading east on Cashio and also turning north on Doheny. I stayed at the back of their pack so as not to interfere with them, but the interesting thing was, my hybrid kept pace with them! They were doing about 15-16 mph going up Doheny, and then the group split apart at the Santa Monica Blvd crossing with some continuing north on Doheny and others heading east on Santa Monica Blvd. I followed the ones on Santa Monica Blvd since I was going that way anyhow, and they got up to speeds of 20 mph , and again, I met their speeds. I even broke my own record and got up to 21 mph! I was so excited. However, we got separated at a stop light with me getting left behind, and by the time the light changed they were far gone. However, I was tickled to have kept up with them for about 2 miles! So, if I can keep up with them on a hybrid, I should easily outpace them on a road bike. Ha!

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