Friday, March 9, 2012

Collision 101

I keep forgetting to mention that I saw a bike crash the other day. I was in the drive-through at Jack In the Box, and was behind a limo. The drive-thru was sort of an alley situation. When the limo driver got his food and pulled forward, he was struck on the rear passenger-side door by an east-bound cyclist on the sidewalk. The cyclist went down and seemed to have banged his elbow pretty good but was otherwise all right, and the limo driver kept inspecting his car for damage.

The one at fault was the cyclist. First of all, although there is no law in California against riding on the side-walks, this cyclist wasn't using common sense to slow down at driveways and alley ways (danger zones for sidewalk riding). Second, he was heading east but on the north side of the street, which wasn't even flowing with traffic. If he was going to be on the sidewalk, he should have at least been on the south side of the street. Actually, though, he should have been riding in the street and flowing with the traffic. Had he been doing that, the accident never would have occurred.

I ride in the streets about 95% of the time. If I should happen to pop up onto the sidewalk, it's only temporary to avoid a traffic snafu that is potentially hazardous.

This is a great instructional video on safe riding (in Colorado, but it is broadly applicable):

Safe Bike Riding

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