Monday, September 19, 2011

Status quo update

The knee continues to mend and is very tender in certain spots. I need to be careful rolling over in bed because the shifting of the pressure of the fluid in the knee can be very painful, so I have to toss and turn with great tenderness and purpose, all the time protecting the knee.

That being said, I managed to do 42 miles on the bike last week, and I'm on the bike again this week. I'm not going particularly fast nor do I desire to. Well, fast on a hybrid - which isn't saying much. Still, I'd rather just ride easily and keep the knee moving and the fluid pumping out rather than building up more pressure.

One thing I've not mentioned about the crash is that my left hand also sustained bruising on the heel. This bruising never surfaced, but it continues to be sore two weeks later, and I'm wondering if I might have slightly fractured one of the wrist bones. It can get very achy just holding onto the handlebars even for short trips.

On Saturday I contemplated biking a 37 mile round-trip adventure that I've been planning for some time - to go from West Hollywood eastward to San Gabriel. It's all city traffic to get there, and I've studied my route for a long time. The problem is, I just couldn't get mentally geared up for it. Somehow my courage is still a little fragile after the crash. I'm also not great in traffic, which is why I tend to take the side streets. I know that one day I will make that trip, but Saturday was not that day. Then, on Sunday, I thought of riding to the beach, but somehow my courage continued to fail me despite having made the beach trek many times, and I opted to stay home. I may just need to be content with the daily 10-milers for a little while longer.

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