Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Aid Station

As I continue to heal from the crash a week ago, I am forced to re-evaluate some things. First of all, I had no first aid kit with me whatsoever. I had planned on getting one in the future, but that future has turned into now. Just got the one on the left for about $3 - including shipping - and it's coming from China. It's very basic, and that's fine for what I currently need. I also ordered some 6" wide ace bandages, and I'll keep one in my large pannier at all times... because you just never know. I will use one of the 6" acers to wrap my knee and stabilize it because the soft tissue damage in the front is actually pretty severe. I also think I have torn a tendon on the outside of the knee.

Walking without joint pain is still not a problem. There is no joint pain, in fact. The pain is in the soft tissue, and a wrong movement will make it feel like it is burning or tearing all over again. So the ace bandage should help with that to stabilize it. I should probably be on crutches so that I'm not really moving it much at all, but that's hardly practical for my life. I have to go to work, I have to drive my car, I have to walk the dog. Life goes on.

Who knows, though. Perhaps my having a first aid kit on hand will allow me to help someone else in need, should the occasion arise. In the meantime, I am still off the bike due to the continued severeness of the soft tissue injuries under the skin in the front of the knee.

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