Monday, September 12, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again...

After I got home from work, the bike seemed to be calling me. I have been walking without pain, but to touch the front of the knee or to bump it accidentally can make howl with pain. Even rolling over in bed becomes a huge ordeal because I can't do it - I have to lift my body up, set the bad knee down gently into position and then try to settle the rest of my body comfortably in whatever contorted pose I have. I thought last night that I'd try to roll over, and my knee gave me a searing, ripping pain that lasted for several moments, and I knew I better not do that again.

But the question was.... since there was no actual joint pain, could I ride? I suited up, discovering that my riding gloves are really getting to be in tatters and it's time for replacements, and I took the bike outside. So far, so good. Next question - could I swing my leg with the bad knee over the bike? Again, no problem. So, I got on the bike.

The original intent was just to test it by riding around in the neighborhood, see how my knee felt. Although there was no joint pain, the knee was stiff and tight and didn't want to make the rotations. Keep in mind, the knee and upper shin are still very swollen, and this no doubt accounts for a lot of the tightness. I thought I'd go a couple of miles to loosen it up, and then two miles turned into 4 miles, 4 into 6, and then 6 into 10. 10 miles. 10 slow miles. I didn't want to push my knee too hard.

It feel good to be on the bike again... and by the time I had finished, my knee didn't feel so tight. I did find myself feeling overly cautious and overly protective of my knee. Had I fallen again on that side during this critical time of healing, I would have ended up in the emergency room.

I'm hoping my ace bandages arrive on Wednesday because I'll start wrapping the knee then. Giving it support might even enable me to roll over at night without feeling like I'm ripping open something.

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