Friday, August 12, 2011

Hard Learning Curve

Yesterday I was antsy to get out and ride. It had felt like my riding for the week had been pretty dismal, so when things slowed at work, I took off an hour early so that I could make sure I could get to the beach and back before dark.

The interesting thing about riding to the beach is that the majority of the ride is spent in city traffic just to get there and back. Once I arrive, I'm on a mission on the bike path and don't really stop to enjoy the experience of just being there. I am always in a time crunch to get the job done and get back, because traffic is slow and the sun is setting earlier every day now. Soon a ride after work won't even be possible and I'll be doing long rides in the morning or on the weekends only. Until then, I can still get to the beach and back without darkness if I leave at 4:00. If it's not too hot, a 24-oz water bottle will generally suffice for the trip, and if it doesn't suffice and I don't have more water with me, I'll stop at Essential Chocolate Desserts in Culver City for a water refill (and maybe a pistachio macaroon if I have cash on me).

I hadn't really planned on making a trip to the beach, but it seemed a logical thing to do at 4:00 rather than just finish my 10-mile route. It also had the benefit of giving me extra miles which I really wanted. I had actually planned to get up and leave for Temescal Canyon at 6:00 a.m. (the 35-mile route), but I really struggle with those early mornings because I obsess about having to get up early and then can't sleep. More than one early attempt at a long ride has been sabotaged this way, and I've made two longer runs on little to no sleep, so that's a pain (although riding down La Cienega Blvd. at 6:00 a.m. is a joy because there is no traffic!).

I also needed to deal with the meltdown I was having and felt a bike ride would help to release some of that energy. It did. I ended up doing 27 miles, and it felt good. For the first time, I even got the bike up to 20 mph, although it was brief.

And one more thing.... this morning 2 of those 5 regained lbs were gone

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