Wednesday, August 31, 2011

15 milers

Last week I started to up my daily commute from 10 miles to 15 miles. The actual round trip is only 6 miles, but I add extra to it. There doesn't seem to be a problem with adding the extra 5 miles on a daily basis. My body is absorbing it just fine. In fact, today I may do a 20-miler.

Because the sun is setting so much earlier now, it will soon become impossible to do a beach run after work, as I need a minimum of 3 hours to get down and back before dark. In fact, once the daylight savings kicks in, it will be very difficult to do the 15-miler and get home before dark, so I may need to switch it up and start doing the majority of the biking in the morning and cut the commute ride to the short one. Once we hit the shortest days of the year in December, I have a feeling that I may be doing a little night riding, which is not my preferred method of cycling. Either that or I have to change up my work schedule to begin earlier.

I hope to psych up for a 100k this weekend. Now that I know the bike path below the marina is 11.75 miles long, I can accomplish it and will just do it to the end. I'm going to change the settings on my odometer to measure kilometers instead of miles so that I make sure I get in the required amount.

New things purchased for the bike from eBay: air pressure gauge, 3 more tire levers, a bottle cage with mount that attaches to the handlebars, a pair of cycling socks that are cow-themed, and a small double pannier for the top bar that will hold cell phone and snacks, making them a lot more accessible on the road.

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