Friday, May 17, 2013

Bikes and Hikes and other things

Yesterday I volunteered to help with the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition booth on Santa Monica Blvd from 9-11 a.m. The event promoted bike awareness, and  I got a little swag from it as we'll as spending time chatting with Tess Lotta.

The event was held in front of Bikes and Hikes, an Eco friendly tourism business, and I thought I'd go in and meet them, see what was going on employment wise.  There were three men in there, and one of them said that they had just hired six people for the summer.  But they said I could leave my resume or card, so I promptly gave them one of my bicycle blog cards.  Maybe they think I can't keep up, but I can keep up plus I know the city. Plus I am a good leader and am good with people.  They'll probably never call me, and I'd only be available on weekends anyhow, but it would be interesting!

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