Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winging it

So, I have this situation that comes up repeatedly when I am in traffic. I come to an intersection and must stop for the light. The lane is marked for just one lane but two cars can be side to side, one to go left and one to turn right. Now, the car on the left might actually not be turning but going straight, and the car on the right, not wanting to be blocked by the car on the left should it be turning right, might also be wanting to go straight and has therefore moved to the right to go around the left car. My problem is that I don't know what either car intends to do. If I block the car on the right, I'm going to get honked at for sure because they are too impatient to wait if they want to turn right. If I give the car on the right room to turn and the car doesn't turn, then I get winged on the right compounded by the car on the left who wings me in that direction when he also doesn't intend to turn. So I have cars passing me on both sides trying to beat each other to the single lane across the street. This is extremely dangerous for me because should I happen to swerve to avoid being winged, I will be hit by the other car. So I guess the best thing is to just block the right lane because if I keep right, that forces him to go left of me if he plans to go straight. My physical safety is of the utmost importance, and I'll have to tolerate being honked at. They will just have to wait.

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