Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The image left is of the rainstorm a couple weeks ago. This is a corner curb, and the rain is about 5-6" deep right there - it has jumped the curb. Where the water line is on the sidewalk there is now a crack in that same water arc.

It started raining last night about 3:00 AM. Yes, I was still up and don't ask why except that darn Words With Friends. Alec Baldwin thinks he's so addicted he can't put it down when an airline tells him to, and I can't seem to stop when my body is begging me for sleep. Actually, though, I did stop because the fellow I play against at that hour of the day doesn't play his turn immediately, because he's at work doing night rounds, so rather than wait I finally went to bed.

Today it pretty much rained in a steady downpour all day. I don't have any rain gear so there's not much point in biking unless I desire to be drenched, so I'm driving the new car more than I'd like. I actually filled it - or close to filled it today. I spent $40, and that put in about 12 gallons, but so I think it might hold 14 or so. I'd prefer not to drive it but I think I have a week of driving. 5:00 PM rolls around and it's just black out, and the longest day of the year, December 22, is just 9 days away... oh thank heavens, then we start the gradual longer days.

As I have next week off, albeit unpaid, I hope to take in some longer rides again during daylight hours.

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