Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's done is done

So, today I made the initial payment on the car - about a 60% down payment. Yes, I decided it was the right car for me although I wrestled with it this time last week. In fact, I was ready to call my mechanic and ask him to please just come get it. But something inside me did not. I slept on it, and by last Saturday morning, I was not as anxious about it. When I handed over the initial payment today, I wasn't at all anxious. I was completely at peace that this was the right decision. My garage clicker is already inside, and I've been playing with all the little bells and whistles. Haven't figured out where cruise control is, but I know it's on there.

The thoughts that brought peace to my heart were that my mechanic picked out for me as a solid, reliable car that he wanted me to drive. It may, in fact, be the most reliable, solid car I've ever owned. So he came over this morning before I was even awake (he had a2nd set of the car keys), and took the car for the smog inspection and also to have the oil changed although it had only gone 800 miles on the most recent change. Still, he wanted it to be as perfect as possible for me. Then he came back and got me. First we went to the bank. I had been given an advance check on some commissions coming, but I had only gotten it the night before, and so I had to go the the bank the check was drawn on in order to cash it out. My mechanic and I have always worked in cash. Then we went down the street to the local AAA office and transferred the title. That saved tons of time by doing it through AAA instead of going to the DMV. So, the title is in my name and the official title will be coming in the mail in a few weeks. Woo hoo!

I'll be getting a trunk bike rack for the car as soon as I can so that I can take the bike places.

In the meantime, my bike riding has really slowed down due to daylight savings time. I barely get in 7 miles on my commute days. Guess I need to pick up the pace more on the weekends.

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