Sunday, March 16, 2014

New thoughts on my touring

I think I have moved away from the idea of having a trailer and just going with the two pannier sets plus the handlebar pannier.  Touring cycling as a lifestyle, which is what I want, is about minimalism.

Before Greg Valenzuela of came to stay with me as a Warm Showers hostee, I was thinking my voyage had an end.  I would find some place to settle down where I felt  at home and start my life over.  In reality, I will prefer to keep traveling, at least as long as my joints hold out.  Greg still has another 8 years of planned touring before he wants to stop.

In all reality, I'm not sure that this world will last much longer before the Lord returns to rapture His church and the seven years of Tribulation begin.  This peace deal in Israel, which is a false peace deal brokered by the Vatican which is trying to take over Jerusalem, may very well trigger the events, in which case all my planning for touring is for nothing, but I plan nonetheless and carry on because the Lord is tarrying for His purpose.  Do I sense in my spirit that He is very close to coming?  Yes.  Nevertheless I plan.

My new butterfly handlebars have arrived but still need to be installed and then wrapped with tape.  The Surly front fork should arrive this week.  After the fork is installed I will look for a Surly front rack at a decent price and then will begin to purchase panniers.  Orange panniers for the best visibility (in my mind).

I've put together a wish list of items on Amazon:

One thing I've learned this week from Greg is not to use bunjee cords because they can come loose, fly down and entangle in your spokes and break a spoke.  He said to use straps.  So I will be buying some straps to tie things down.  We went to REI a few days ago and he bought some straps and other little doodads, and I got a couple of little doodads as well including an ISO-butane fuel can for my camp stove.

Greg is still resting today.  He was feeling poorly yesterday but today seems a little more revived.  A good breakfast omlette works wonders!  I'm not sure what I'll make us for dinner tonight.  Probably more stirfry and rice.


  1. I'm journeyonabike tripple-p...thx for inviting to follow your blog...I'm 52 now, retired from USAF just beginning riding and expect to ride until Lord returns or I die...ThreeWheelJourney videos got me inspired, now following a few riders...thx...

    1. Welcome to my blog, Preston! I look forward to hearing about your cycling experiences!