Monday, December 31, 2012

Snoozer loser!

Remember that post a few days ago about the Snoozer pet carrier for the bike?  Well, do NOT buy it.  Don't even think about it!  Big waste of money.

First of all, you can't really secure it to the bike underneath.  The strapping is terrible and inefficient, so the thing could fly up and out of place on a good bump which would also dislodge the dog.

Second, the three point harness system?  Yeah, it's anchored in 3 places to the Snoozer but only one to your dog, and that's not good enough for a dog that's riding out in the open like that. 

I put my dog in the Snoozer and slowly walked her around the block in it.  She fussed and whined the whole time, and if I dared to take my hand off her, she was ready to jump out.  She was anchored in two places (one to her harness, and I fashioned another anchor in front to her collar), but that's NOT enough for a dog who wants out!!!  I managed to keep her in it the whole loooooong walk, and when we got to the front steps of my building, then I had issues keeping her in and getting the bike up the few steps. One step to go, and that's when she tried to escape, squealing and screaming as she hung from her neck for a few seconds until I scooped her up and back into the Snoozer.  Yeah, that was fun.  Not.  So the Snoozer will go into the car as a car booster seat for her, although she might not even like it for that. 

I guess if she's going to go on bike rides with me, she'll have to go in a trailer.

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