Tuesday, October 23, 2012

new things

So a week ago today I had my 53rd birthday, and my mother, who was visiting and is 82, took me to the local bike shop and for my present got me a rack for the back that will nicely carry the panniers I will need in the future for a trip across the USA.  I got a silver colored one as it matches the bike, and it's a Bontrager.  Now I just need to get it installed, which I hope to make time for in the next few weeks.

I'd really like to get off of my dependence on the car for my Monday cookie deliveries, so I'm looking at buying a set of panniers that I can pad inside to comfortably transport my cookies on a stick over a three-mile ride.  Then of course I have to be able to pick up the panniers by their handles (they need to have handles on the top) so that I can carry them up the flight of stairs to the client.

I will not yet remove my current pannier rack that attaches only to the seatpost, but neither will I carry the other panniers at all times.  The set of panniers I will buy for cookie deliveries will not be the panniers I pack for a trip across the USA.  I may have a few different sets of panniers.

Today I rode about 16 miles.  I am so far behind in my riding this month that I might leave early for work tomorrow just to try to get in 20 miles...

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